Asia Gaming (Live Casino)

Asia Gaming is an online casino operator and one of the most innovative gaming software creators in Asia. The provider of games steadfastly upholds the idea that “Impressive experience only” and is committed to giving players at the casino the highest quality of unique and exceptional gaming experience they could ever enjoy on the market for gaming.

Asia Gaming was established in 2012 and has the most innovative and professional ideas. Since its beginning, Asia Gaming has created numerous gaming experiences, such as the world’s first pre-dealing six-card VIP Private Room and the ‘Squeeze Baccarat’ game, and the Interactive Bid Baccarat, which have brought some surprises to the gaming industry.

Asia Gaming also renders affordable but comprehensive gaming solutions of all sizes, enabling casino operators to take advantage of every chance. The most popular iGaming solution also has a new advancement of a mobile platform that provides players with a genuine casino experience each and every time.

Asian Gaming has numerous web stars who have joined the team to provide an immersive gaming experience for players, along with the already existing anchors for beauty. Through this program, casino operators will be able to increase site traffic, boost player engagement, and eventually boost revenue. It is evident that Asian Gaming has now taken the Live streaming trend to a whole new level.

The Asian live casino operator is dedicated to creating a ‘Fairness, Justice Transparency and Security’ Live dealer platform. Asia Gaming is a platform that blends success and expertise to increase the revenue of your casino and provide a more enjoyable gaming experience for the casino players.

The leading Asia Gaming solution is known for its high-quality and cutting-edge products. Asia Gaming has not ceased to improve in its growth by leaps and bounds, as well as developing various types of games to challenge traditional knowledge and continue pushing the gaming industry to new heights.

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack from Asia Gaming is played with eight decks. It also comes with an additional bet of 21+3 for additional wagering possibilities. One of the most crucial pieces of information you should be aware of is the fact that the dealer’s position is at soft 17 and the house edge of the game is just 0.62 percent. High-definition visuals as well as friendly dealers and a high uptime ensure an enjoyable gaming experience.

Live Bull Bull

Live Bull Bull, also called Niu Niu, is an easy and quick-paced traditional card game that’s extremely loved in China. Once the order of dealing for the banker and the player banker has been decided the next five hands will be drawn for the Banker 1-2-3 player and Banker 1-2-3. This is the initial card set. Then, the second set of two cards is dealt to each player, as well as to the Banker. The aim is to create three cards that add up to 10, or a multiple of 10. The highest-valued hand is awarded.

Live Win Three Cards

Another game that has been extremely successful from Asia Gaming is Win Three Cards which is also called Golden Flower. It’s another easy game that involves players betting on which hand of three cards, Dragon or Phoenix, is more powerful. There are other betting options, like Pair 8 Plus, and many more that you could use. Based on the hand combo, you could see payouts of 120:1.